Aug. 8th, 2010

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Hokay, as I study all this psychology 'n biology 'n sciencey stuff, I think I should try to eat better. I mean, I don't eat SUPER baaad really, but I eat SO MUCH ALL THE TIME FOREVER. Whenever I'm worried, or nervous, or even bored, I just chompchompchompglomp. Most of the time, I'm not even hungry. And usually, I eat fast and I'm always multitasking during my meals, reading or interneting or watching tv!

And well, I don't think these habits are very good! It's not very ecological or enjoyable. And it's not a very good way to save money. XD

So I'm thinking of eating differently. Mindfully, I guess? XD Not so much a diet, tho it is probably healthier.

I'm thinking something like...

♥ Eat only when I'm hungry
♥ Eat only while NOT multitasking
♥ Eat slowwwowowowowwww

Aaaand since I did so well at changing my habits last time on here, when I stopped eating fast food and rewarded myself with cute little Japanese toys each week. Even though I wasn't good at the 'posting photos' bit, I DID continue with it for two months and I managed to change my habits a lot!

So I think I wanna do something like that again! But I'll put it on a filter when I talk about it so I don't spam everybody!

[Poll #1603075]

I dunno if I'll buy the little toys again, but I'll do something like that. Cute little cheap things, like little crafty bits or toys or stickers. Hokay, maybe that's not ecological or money-saving either but they are still probably cheaper and less wasteful than all the extra foods and I'll probably only need to do it for a month or so, and that's not so bad. R-right?

I hope so. -__-

So, if you wanna be on let me know! Aaaand if you've ever tried anything like this, I'd heart any advice!


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