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First off, TY [ profile] zia_narratora for the delicious LJ hot dog! I really appreciated a snack cause...

oh my gosh, SUCH A BUSY WEEK.

3 exams and a paper due. But I worked mah badger butt off and got it ALL DONE. But now I'm like __0__ zzzzz.

Of course, my super busy week came with a buncha awesome [ profile] therealljidol opportunities! I got to play in the sandbox some, but I wanted to play more! I really wanted to intersect but I just couldn't give it the time it deserved. And the woulda-been entry turned out way better than I could've done anyway!

So life is Mostly Good in Catland.

This morning when I was walking to class I saw a random duck head pop out of some shrubs. The shrubs are in a um...concrete flower bed thingie, so they're almost at eye level. I thought this was kinda weird, so I pulled on one of the shrubs to reveal a mama mallard, and she's got a couple ducklings! Little yellow and black hatchlings! Of course a concrete flower bed near a busy road isn't a very good place for a family of ducks, so I thought I should Do Something Helpful. So I called the my college's biology department and explained the situation and then *they* told me to call Grounds and Maintenance. So I did that and they agreed that a concrete flower bed near a busy road wasn't a very good place of ducks. They said they'd investigate and see what they could do. After class, just two hours later, I pass by the shrubs again to check on mama duck again. And they're gone already! Worse, mama duck left three eggs behind! I don't know if Grounds relocated the duck family but now those poor eggs don't stand a chance. I didn't even see the eggs before, but now the duck and her ducklings are gone and if they were moved because of me, I'd feel just awful. I kind of wanted to scoop the eggs up but that probably wouldn't have been a good idea either, but I couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of today.

I thought I was doing the right thing, but now I don't know.
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