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Let's try that again....I think I got it now!

p.s. you can ignore this post. XD
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Teeeeesting my dreamwidth cross-posting thingamajig!

Have some 'dorable turtle faces!
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Dreamwidth is pretty...
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Zounds, so much has happened since I last posted.

[ profile] therealljidol is over for season 6 (in a SUPER close ending!!)
♥ I've transformed my eating habits (hokay for one week but it still counts!)
♥ I finished most of my summer classes (and got A's in all so far!!)
♥ I decided I to make it my mission in life to be BFFs with The Double Rainbow Guy XD

Hokay, maybe only SOME of that is true. Or maybe it's all true but hyperbole? I confuse myself sometimes. XD

Anyway, I hope you guys are all good! ♥
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Hokay, as I study all this psychology 'n biology 'n sciencey stuff, I think I should try to eat better. I mean, I don't eat SUPER baaad really, but I eat SO MUCH ALL THE TIME FOREVER. Whenever I'm worried, or nervous, or even bored, I just chompchompchompglomp. Most of the time, I'm not even hungry. And usually, I eat fast and I'm always multitasking during my meals, reading or interneting or watching tv!

And well, I don't think these habits are very good! It's not very ecological or enjoyable. And it's not a very good way to save money. XD

So I'm thinking of eating differently. Mindfully, I guess? XD Not so much a diet, tho it is probably healthier.

I'm thinking something like...

♥ Eat only when I'm hungry
♥ Eat only while NOT multitasking
♥ Eat slowwwowowowowwww

Aaaand since I did so well at changing my habits last time on here, when I stopped eating fast food and rewarded myself with cute little Japanese toys each week. Even though I wasn't good at the 'posting photos' bit, I DID continue with it for two months and I managed to change my habits a lot!

So I think I wanna do something like that again! But I'll put it on a filter when I talk about it so I don't spam everybody!

[Poll #1603075]

I dunno if I'll buy the little toys again, but I'll do something like that. Cute little cheap things, like little crafty bits or toys or stickers. Hokay, maybe that's not ecological or money-saving either but they are still probably cheaper and less wasteful than all the extra foods and I'll probably only need to do it for a month or so, and that's not so bad. R-right?

I hope so. -__-

So, if you wanna be on let me know! Aaaand if you've ever tried anything like this, I'd heart any advice!
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I KNOW, I've mostly been posting 'ZOMG I AM BUSY BUT I AM ALIVE' posts for the past...forever? XD

But this is another one!! _-_

I'm finishing most of my summer classes this week (TWO FINALS IN ONE DAY MEERP), but then I'm studying the GRE and one of my classes lasts until the end of August.

A coupla days ago I decided to see how busy I really am ('cuz I couldn't be that bad! Surely!). Wellll, it turns out that between work and school and studying? I work between 65-70 hours a week. AAAAAAAAHHHH I AM CRAZY. And then I think about the people who have children and work full time (or more) and I just about drop dead. I couldn't imagine any more than this! Wow.

But even though I'm busy?

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Soooo tired. I'm actually updating from work, ZOMG. I just finished making supper for my clients, after a long, hot and rainy day. You'd think the rain would cool things off but nooooo, it just felt more like a sauna.

OMG I JUST SAW A GOLDEN EAGLE SO COOL! And there's a bunny in the yard. Let's hope the two don't meet. >>

Hokay, I guess I have nothing important to say but I hope you guys are having a good weekend? XD
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I went back yesterday to campus to check on the duck eggs. They were gone! I hope that's a good thing, but I guess there's no way to know.

I'm just gonna focus on animals in my life that I can make happy, like my sister's adorable mutt of a pup. XD

Oh and this comic made my happy, then sad, then happy (but wibbly-throated) again: long comic is looooong )
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First off, TY [ profile] zia_narratora for the delicious LJ hot dog! I really appreciated a snack cause...

oh my gosh, SUCH A BUSY WEEK.

3 exams and a paper due. But I worked mah badger butt off and got it ALL DONE. But now I'm like __0__ zzzzz.

Of course, my super busy week came with a buncha awesome [ profile] therealljidol opportunities! I got to play in the sandbox some, but I wanted to play more! I really wanted to intersect but I just couldn't give it the time it deserved. And the woulda-been entry turned out way better than I could've done anyway!

So life is Mostly Good in Catland.

though something kinda sad happened too. )
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Heyyyy, have YOU seen [ profile] kittymichaels's epic Catnip Adventures


we musn't forget [ profile] joeymichaels's just-as-epic Philobiographical Adventures???!!

'Cause ya should. Just sayin'! XD
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Oh my gosh, the bot problem is getting out of hand! (Bwahah, I almost typed "the boy problem"!)

I just banned them, but this morning my inbox was filled with real-sounding comments (some of them even used my name!) but they were all names like [ profile] tiffany_jewelry and [ profile] cheaper_gucci. 0_0

I have no idea why I'm getting so much spam suddenly. I had a little bit of spam on my most popular LJ Idol entry, but now they're attacking my other entries too! And worse, responding to comments you guys leave!

And I don't wanna turn on Captcha (even if I knew how to do that!) because I know it makes it hard for people with vision problems to comment. Not very fun! >
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Is anybody else getting a bunch of weird spam comments lately? Like..the comments will usually sound normal and make sense but then when you click to see their journal, it's filled with stuff like:

Who doesn't enjoy dazzling skin? The pleasing pocketbook understanding exemplify the lone ingredient butterfly requires to sensation delicate every infinity. No caravan is in that germane as lecture when sincere comes to frantic hide bags.

And it goes on! 0_o

I mean, it's kinda hilarious because it's written like Babelfish but I don't get how spammers spamming like this would even get any money from what they're doing. There's not even links from what I can see!

So very confused.
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I WANT IT. XD How did I not see this until now?!!?

Also, it's been a long time since I've baked any sweets. Hmmmm.... >>;;
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1. I'M BAAAAACK! On a computer that's been patched up more times than I don't know. Frankenweenie?

A little bull terrier in black in white with stitches around his ear and bolts on his neck

This is good 'cause txtLJ apparently doesn't work too well on my phone. WHY DID YOU MAKE TWO POSTS, LJ?!!!? ><

2. I've been keeping myself busy without the internets for the past um. MONTH? It seems like a really long time, way longer than that. XD I guess that's what happens when you start thinking in internet time.

3. In case anybody didn't guess, I got voted out of LJ Idol. I really didn't mind toooo much because I sure the heck didn't do so hot that week and it was suuuch a pain to borrow a computer for it for just ONE week. I can't imagine how bothersome it woulda been if I'd kept going without a computer! But I had a good run...I met tons of awesome people *glomps you Idolers*, made lots of new entries *browses through her lj idol tag* and even got to experience a teensy bit of internets fame. It was a good time, and I'm looking forward to catching up in the Green Room!

4. Without the internets I basically spend my free time like a grade schooler. XD I've been reading (mostly kids books), making crafts (watercolor painting, making silly jewelry, mod podging), gardening (on my window sill!) and playing video games (OMG does anybody else play Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver?)

5. Now I'm back in school. -______- But also :D! Summer school will help me graduate early! And soon it's time to start looking at...GRAD SCHOOL? DUN DUN DUNNN.

6. Hokay, time to haunt yous guys' LJs!
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the internets i will check lj! <33 This will prolly be tomorrow.
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Heyya! Hokay I still am out a computer! :( But I guess I can txt?! It is actually kinda nice bein offline mostly but I miss you guys! Next time I use
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This post about [ profile] therealljidol!

a screenshot from the video game famous for ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.  This one says YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE MAKE YOUR TIME

Bwahahaha, it is extra funny because the name is almost my name! XDD

Anywaaaay, I am like a billion points away (ok, like eight or so) from having a chance at LJ Idol's next round. I keep going back and forth between asking for you guys to vote for me, because I don't want to get ahead of someone more deserving just 'cause I asked for it, but at the same time I don't wanna not give you the chance if you've enjoyed my LJ Idol entries and want me to keep them up!

So I guess this is a


But if you wanna vote for me anyway here is the link:

It goes until 9pm EDT tomorrow, and there are two polls.
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In the good news:


4.0 TERM GPA!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have a 3.7 cumulative GPA! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I worked super hard this semester, you between work and school, I almost thought I couldn't do it. BUT I DID AND I AM SO SO SO HAPPY.

In the mebbe not-as-good (but still okay) news:

I pretty much have no chance at staying in LJ Idol this week. If I did, it'd be pretty much a fluke, cause my entries this week were NOT VERY GOOD.

But that's what happens when it's finals *and* your computer breaks and eats everything at the last minute. It turns out it might have eaten my data, too. Everything I made in the past few months! -___-

Heck, with a busted computer, it's not so bad if I get voted out this week. I've even did pretty good at my LJ Idol goals:

2. Be voted out, not drop out
3. Try something different each week
4. Be voted out on my best try

Hokay, mebbe that last one I'm not gonna accomplish, but everything else?? I'm pleased! XD

I still gotta read the other entries yet, and I will do that tonight, even if every page takes foreverrr to load. Mebbe I'll stay at school and keep using their computers, or steal my sister's laptop.

Speaking of computers, does anybody have this one?

It's cute and cheap and it seems like people like it? I might try it out! I am tired of my laptop always choking and heck, it might be a good idea to have a desktop. Desktops always seem to last way longer than laptops and I want something that's gonna LAST.
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Again...I AM VERY SORRY IF THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I think I am starting to dream while awake, you guys! XDDDDD

And visual descriptions will be up tomorrow!

face to face: cookie face )
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