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If this entry doesn't make any sense, it's cause I stayed up ALL NIGHT redoing both my LJ Idol entries because my computer crashed. -__-

But hey, my only goal was to FINISH and to HAVE FUN DOING IT! And I did both! I'll do a visual description tomorrow, I just really need sleep right now!

*crawls off to bed before she falls out of her chair*

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Oh boy, I am just ready to fall over dead. My computer needs to stop breaking now. -___-

Time to start my LJ Idol entries all over again. I had one done (WHY DIDN'T I POST IT WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE?????!!!), but now it's gone and I don't have any other options right now. And it's not going to be very good because I'm just so tired and mad at technology right now and all I have to work on is an old Mac and it's not compatible with the programs I was using and ksehfrohir'hEPWFIPHPIHPWF but I won't really have any other time to do it except now...

This is the third time my computer's been out of commission in the last six months!!

This isn't very awesome and Cat needs a nap. DX

Edity McEdits: I'm sorry, I really shouldn't post when I'm in a bad mood. Heck, three minutes later, and I'm already feeling better and silly for stomping my foot all over the internets. My data's not even lost, I just need to get a new power adapter and that's not so bad, right?!

Hokay, I'm gonna order a sub for dinner, take a shower with smelly soaps and have FUN with my entries!!! Heck, I bet I can make an even better entry, even if I don't have as much time. It's gonna be awesome.

Though Cat prolly could still do with a nap. XD
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Eeeeeeeee, classes are all done!!!

Now I'm all butterfly-y while waiting for my exam scores. BUT ZOMG LJ!


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I have spent the last three days catching up in math.


I'm gonna try to do my LJ Idol entry a little bit later. -__-

One more problem to go.

but hokay, first a little colorgenics procrastination... )
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"What did you do?"

"N-nothing. I just parked it and now it won't go!" I tapped the gas pedal again. The engine rumbled, the little white hand on the RPM gauge pulled up and trembled between a 1000 and 1200, but the little baby-blue Geo Prism just wouldn't budge. With a sigh, my dad rolled down the passenger side window and stuck his arm out the window to open the door (the inside latch was broken when when he bought it, my dad will tell you proudly, and it saved him almost 200 dollars). He unsnapped his cuff buttons and rolled his flannel sleeves up to his elbow. He stood, arms crossed, in front of the car.

"Pop the trunk," He demanded.

"The trunk? But why--"


He furrowed his brow and got to work. Or rather, he got to as much work as he could without a wrench, the car manual, or a single crumb of automotive knowledge. Which, as far as I could tell, involved holding his hands above things to see if they were hot, frowning at the oil dipstick it, and occasionally cursing. See, as awesome as my dad and his IQ-marinated brains are (and that's pretty darn awesome), he knows NOTHING about cars. Ok, maybe that's not fair. He knows how to wash them, park them and drive them. Supposedly, he knew enough to supervise my pre-licensing behind-the-wheel practice hours.

After about ten minutes of looking properly Dadiriffic as he poked around under the hood, he mumbled something about the carburetor being shot (he probably got that from Matlock) and moved to the back bumper. "I'm gonna push. Can you steer?"

"Y-yes." Not wanting to accidentally run over my dad that day, I clutched the gear stick to put it in neutral. "Um...Daddy?"

"What now?"

"The little N...that means neutral, right?"


I clicked the gear stick down one click and tapped the gas again. From N, where it had apparently been for the past half-hour, to D. The car lurched forward. My dad stumbled a little as the back wheels kicked dust from the gravel road. "Nope, I don't think it's the carburetor!" I grinned as dad walked back to the passenger side window, beet red and more than a little grumbly.

After that, my mom finished teaching me to drive and the next time dad mentioned carburetors was in a really epic Scrabble play.

Yep, another one brought to you by [ profile] therealljidol!
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Firse off, TY future world-taker-over comics-n-cocktail extraordinaire [ profile] zia_narratora for the cut V-gift! I love it! ♥

Second off, I'm sitting here finishing my LJ Idol entry before class. I wonder, does anyone else every have 5 million super ambitious ideas but then end up not having enough time to finish any of them before the deadline? That keeps happening to me. -__-

I mean, I like my story for this week but I totally wanted to do something more than just a story! Oh well! At least I have lotsa ideas for photo essays, craft projects, videos, comics, animations and science experiments now!! XD

EDIT: As soon as I posted this, I heard a scream down the hallway: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH!!!

0__0 I mean, this is the psych building, but they don't usually have experiments like *that*!

Then a few seconds later, I hear a little kid go, 'You have four eyes!' BWAHAHAH. Somebody is watching David After Dentist in their office apparently. XDDDD
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I'm at work right now and it looks like I'm doing ok in the LJ Idol polls...I thought I was done for sure this week, at first! But then, who knows with LJ Idol...things turn around awful fast there. And this week there's a jury! 0_0 Good luck jury, if you're reading this! Whenever I think about you, I think about having to read Twelve Angry Men in 10th grade English! XD

Anyway, since I'm working I realized I forgot to mention in my post that only the story is true (or at least 90% of it!)...Linda B's name is really alliterative but it's not really the name I put in the post!

Finally...if anyone ever wants to give me less good feedback on my entries, I'm just as happy to see that as the good stuff. Otherwise, how will I get better? XD

Lastly...a lotta sentences in this entry have ellipses in them! XXDDDDDD

Hokay, time to go make some oatmeal!!
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It was my first week at the job and I was hyperventilating, palpitating and if there's a fancy medical word that means about to soil my knickers, I was that too. In mere minutes, I was going to drown the only person entrusted to my care and the entire neighborhood would be underwater like a floodplain, levees snapping like saltine crackers in a horrible, dingy gazpacho of kitchen water.

Life-jackets. I needed life-jackets and a rowboat. Maybe I could construct a raft out of the cupboard doors. Wood floats, right? Unless they're simulated woodgrain plastic like my grandma had in her house...oh crap oh crap oh crap. I should've checked for improvisational flotation devices my first day on the job, in between reading the fire drill floor plans, finding out where to go in the event of tornadoes (the basement pantry) or zombie rhinoceros attacks (also the basement pantry).

My client, Linda B (or, as her intake folder read in earnest alliteration, Belinda Beatrice Burroughs), was a doe-eyed intellectually disabled woman in her late 40s, far too young and full of life to die. Even if she wasn't, as my supervisor promised, a 'huge help around the house'. In fact, Linda B seemed bound and determined to provide nothing but endless, painstakingly memorized (and often uncomfortably bawdy and lewd) Rodney Dangerfield routines. That, and practicing her uncanny ability to sneak up on you ninja-style and suddenly, LOUDLY announce her presence with her ubiquitous, "I GET NO RESPECT!" Sure, having only one client in the house was easier for my first weekend, but I still found myself unprepared, panicky and startling halfway to the ceiling at every sneeze.

Why did I ever think I could do this? I wasn't leadership material in the least. I've never been good at handling crises, always the last one picked for the team, always the underdog, ever the runner-up and now I was about three minutes away from drowning my only client and making the front page of every major Midwestern newspaper. Maybe I'd end up in prison, maybe they'd reinstate the pillory just for me, throwing rotten tomatoes as I squirmed--

"Uh oh, that's not how the dishwasher works."

I spun around, stunned. I almost didn't recognize Linda B's real voice. Unlike her Batman-rasp Rodneyfield impersonation, she sounded decidedly feminine and a bit squeaky. She stepped around me, house slippers sloshing a little in the dishwater puddle. With a quick click of a lever, and gurgling leak stopped. The mighty Mississippi was dammed. I blinked at her, not sure if I was more shocked by the break in her Rodneyfield character or the sudden, miraculous shift of fates. Rays of glorious, golden sun all but emanated from her broad grin as I looked on, eyes wide and ankles soaked.

"You want me to get the mop?"

This spasm of workplace terror brought to you by the good folks at [ profile] therealljidol!
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Tonight my sister and I were sorting our relatives (dad is SUCH a GRYFFINCLAW, mom is a total Hufflepuff, our scientist-cousin Amber is the hugest Ravenclaw ever) while we were baking VEGAN RED VELVET COOKIES OM NOM NOM NOM and she told me she thinks I'm a *Slytherpuff* but more on the Slytherin side. A cheerful Slytherin, she said. XDDD

Hokay, now I've heard it all.

I'm a Hufflepuff at H_E, I was a Gryffindor at HiH and usually quizzes say I'm a Ravenpuff thing. I think I'm more Hufflepuff than anything but of course there's bits of every house in everyone, and I do see more Slytherin in me now than when I first joined H_E but..I still woulda thought Slytherin would be in last place! My sister knows me better than almost anyone...I really don't see it, you guys!

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I am in a super LJ chatty mood lately!! XD 'Cept I don't know what to say.


Hokay. I've seen this around my friends list here and there sometimes.


And I will answer and give you five questions of your own!
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[ profile] lunylucy gave me purple, and I give you the top ten things I love that are that color! If you want a color to name your own top ten, comment to this entry and we can make a brilliant LJ rainbow!

Look below for a description!

Clockwise from the upper left:
1. A purple cow!
2. Lilacs! I love love love smelling early spring lilacs on the breeze, awwh. :3
3. Sunrise in winter! Winter sunrises are one of the best things about freezing your nose off in January. <3
4. Tonk's hair in OoTP. I mean...LOOK AT IT. SO COOL.
5. Harold & the Purple Crayon. OF COURSE. ^^
6. Grimace! Hokay, I may not eat at McDonald's anymore, but I still wanna give him a big hug. XD
7. Lightning...eeee, I cannot wait for summer storms!
8. Purple onions. P:
9. Eggplant. P: AND XD
10. PURPLE GUMDROPS. Yeth, they do come in more colors than purple, but purple tastes the BEST. MMMMMM.
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When I was thirteen years old, I fell in love forever.

His name was Gerald, which is funny now but back then it seemed very sophisticated and demure for a thirteen year old boy, and I was far more concerned with being demure and sophisticated at thirteen than I am at twenty six. He was a sweet boy with eyes like the hue of freshly tilled soil and hair like all the winds over the harvest fields, it I may quote the relevant diary. Which seems to indicate that his eyes were dirt black and his hair was invisible and made your car all dusty. Um! Actually, he was a very nice farm boy with dark eyes and white-blond hair with a little streak of Kool-Aid dyed pink, because even nice farm boys have their rebellious sides.

Gerald drew pictures and looked at the stars. I did what Gerald did.

When he brought out his telescope, I oriented the star maps and waited my turn to look at the moon, which was really the only cool thing you could see from his cheapo scope anyway; the only thing his telescope did for the stars was let you see more tiny little white points of light. And tiny white points of light were nothing compared to the luminous silver-violet magic of the full moon.

When he drew, I drew with him, each in our own little notebooks (his had a picture of a skateboard with day-glo fractals on the cover, mine had a picture of a baby harp seal in outer space). He drew elaborate spaceships, laser cannons and aliens. I drew pictures of my cat, mostly.

One day, I passed my notebook to Gerald to show him my drawing of how my cat sometimes slept (on her back, with her paws flopped over her chest) because I thought it was really cute. He immediately started to page through my notebook, stopping for a few minutes when he got to a page that had words instead of pictures. He started laughing. I was kind of mad, but I didn't say anything. Then he said, "Cat, we should make a comic or something. You write and I draw." He didn't really say it like a question at all; he didn't really ask, but I didn't mind because of course I wanted to make a comic with the boy with hair like all the winds over the harvest fields.

So we did. It was something about time traveling killer whales and pirates teaming up to stop Christopher Columbus from discovering America. I don't know why they wanted to stop Christopher Columbus, it was never explained in the comic and I don't think either of us really knew.

When I was thirteen years old, I fell in love forever.

We broke up a few months later, and we barely acknowledged each other for the entire rest of our school years. He moved across the country to go to a college in Washington and I haven't talked to him since.

I still have the comic, but I haven't looked at it since we broke up.

I imagine it covered with ashes for a millennium. Archeologists will find it someday, dig it up like Pompeii and marvel at the tokens of that weird space between my girlhood and womanhood --Lisa Frank cosmetic bags and candy flavored Lip Smackers, Seventeen and Sassy magazines that I never really liked. Like earthenware pots or the remnants of an ancient irrigation system. Like a message from yesterday.

But when those archeologists come, and the anthropologists and historians behind them, I hope they don't forget. The girl with the room full of unicorn posters and an extensive scratch and sniff sticker collection didn't make that comic about killer whales and pirates.

She made it with the boy she fell in love with forever, who plastered his walls with posters of Cameros, Cindy Crawford and the solar system.

And she made it with the boy she fell in love with forever because she was too shy to say she thought she had a better idea --one that didn't have anything to do with stupid Christopher Columbus. And she was too shy to say she had a better idea because she'd learned to be a polite girl. And she'd learned to be a polite girl because that was how ladies behaved, day after day after century. Just as Gerald learned to love spaceships because his dad was an amateur science fiction writer and it was okay to like spaceships if you're a boy.

For better or worse, there is a comic in a box in my closet that I will probably never look at again.

For better or worse, I will love Gerald forever.

Because he, as every single person I've ever spoken with or commented to or emailed or even waved to on the street, are a part of me. Because I am not me, I am an inseparable whole of my experience, just as you are of yours.

Earthenware pots and silly comics are infinitely greater than the artifact you can hold in your hands. Should I ever dig up a Pompeii myself, I will try to remember that.

This post brought to you by [ profile] therealljidol and the letters P and Q.
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Is anybody else NOT able to see my LJ?!

It keeps saying: 'Error running style: Style code didn't finish running in a timely fashion.' I didn't do anything to my LJ design, though. I can't even look at my friends list! I think LJ said they were having server thingie problems, maybe that's why?

I prolly shouldn't even both posting this on LJ (if it even works), but darn it! I wanna read my friends list. -___-
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The Secret Life of the Very, Very, VERY Hungry Caterpillar

A little white egg sits on a big green leaf with a moon in the sky

In the light of the moon, a little egg lay on a leaf.

what do you 'spose it could be!? )
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Finishing up my new LJ Idol entry...I just wanted to say ♥ THANK YOUUUUU!!!11!! ♥ to all who voted for me in the last round.

I feel bad asking for votes, esp. when everybody there is so talented, but I'm happy to be in for another week.

But I know I haven't been around an awful lot lately for stuff besides LJ Idol, and I feel pretty bummed about that. -____- Like I said, it's school 'n work 'n stuff, but really? I'm just total fail at time management! >>

I've just started using google calendar and it is super helpful, though. But I still just kind of sit around and play video games or doodle or visit the humane society in my free time, though. Fun stuff, but not really useful. I marvel at so many of you guys. Mega busy with school and work and conquering the known world and stuff, but still hatching so many awesome arts and connections and ideas. How do you do it?! I feel run over by a monster truck of time, most days. >
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Bonus Peep Show XD
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Hokay! I spent a bajillion hours on LJ Idol stuff tonight. Mostly on the Goodbye Post, which totally brought me back to my ol sorting wench days at [ profile] hogwarts_elite with all the link copypasta. I still hafta link the threads, but that'll wait 'til tomorrow. But if any of you LJ Idoler types wanna toss some goodbye comments to those LJ Idolers that have gone before, I bet they'll be appreciated!

Then I read some of the entries and hopefully will finish that by tomorrow.

Speaking of entries, mine for LJ Idol this week is tied for last place! :O

That's never happened before, so I might be out after this...! I'm not super surprised since I knew it was not the bestest idea I've ever had, but I just didn't have time to do my other idea: an illustrated story of a vampire boy superhero named Brian who fights crime in a town of monsters (I dunno why I was all about the vampires this week...)!

Rly, a lot of my entries have been not super awesome lately. When I started LJ Idol, I wasn't as busy and had a lot more brainz to dedicate to fun stuff. But now I'm working full time and taking five classes and zzzzzzzzzzlaishsklfhklhsdfboom. My biggest regret is that if I'm goin' out this week, it's on an entry that I know is about a billion kittens short of what I know I can do! It bugs my Hufflepuffly self to not be at my best, that's all! But in any case, I'm totally honored to have made it this far already. These guys are GOOD, and I'm amazed to still be in. ♥

Bbbbbut just 'cause I don't want to give up just yet, if you wanna vote for me to keep me in LJ Idol and writing my silly weekly LJ Idol posts, just tick my name (and holy moly, don't miss the other entries. These are the cream of the LJ Idol crop, you guys!) down here:

[Poll #1545896]
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...sometimes, you just gotta say to heck with it and draw a buncha unicorns. ><;


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