Apr. 1st, 2010

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Hokay! I spent a bajillion hours on LJ Idol stuff tonight. Mostly on the Goodbye Post, which totally brought me back to my ol sorting wench days at [livejournal.com profile] hogwarts_elite with all the link copypasta. I still hafta link the threads, but that'll wait 'til tomorrow. But if any of you LJ Idoler types wanna toss some goodbye comments to those LJ Idolers that have gone before, I bet they'll be appreciated!

Then I read some of the entries and hopefully will finish that by tomorrow.

Speaking of entries, mine for LJ Idol this week is tied for last place! :O

That's never happened before, so I might be out after this...! I'm not super surprised since I knew it was not the bestest idea I've ever had, but I just didn't have time to do my other idea: an illustrated story of a vampire boy superhero named Brian who fights crime in a town of monsters (I dunno why I was all about the vampires this week...)!

Rly, a lot of my entries have been not super awesome lately. When I started LJ Idol, I wasn't as busy and had a lot more brainz to dedicate to fun stuff. But now I'm working full time and taking five classes and zzzzzzzzzzlaishsklfhklhsdfboom. My biggest regret is that if I'm goin' out this week, it's on an entry that I know is about a billion kittens short of what I know I can do! It bugs my Hufflepuffly self to not be at my best, that's all! But in any case, I'm totally honored to have made it this far already. These guys are GOOD, and I'm amazed to still be in. ♥

Bbbbbut just 'cause I don't want to give up just yet, if you wanna vote for me to keep me in LJ Idol and writing my silly weekly LJ Idol posts, just tick my name (and holy moly, don't miss the other entries. These are the cream of the LJ Idol crop, you guys!) down here:

[Poll #1545896]


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