Jun. 21st, 2010

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1. I'M BAAAAACK! On a computer that's been patched up more times than I don't know. Frankenweenie?

A little bull terrier in black in white with stitches around his ear and bolts on his neck

This is good 'cause txtLJ apparently doesn't work too well on my phone. WHY DID YOU MAKE TWO POSTS, LJ?!!!? ><

2. I've been keeping myself busy without the internets for the past um. MONTH? It seems like a really long time, way longer than that. XD I guess that's what happens when you start thinking in internet time.

3. In case anybody didn't guess, I got voted out of LJ Idol. I really didn't mind toooo much because I sure the heck didn't do so hot that week and it was suuuch a pain to borrow a computer for it for just ONE week. I can't imagine how bothersome it woulda been if I'd kept going without a computer! But I had a good run...I met tons of awesome people *glomps you Idolers*, made lots of new entries *browses through her lj idol tag* and even got to experience a teensy bit of internets fame. It was a good time, and I'm looking forward to catching up in the Green Room!

4. Without the internets I basically spend my free time like a grade schooler. XD I've been reading (mostly kids books), making crafts (watercolor painting, making silly jewelry, mod podging), gardening (on my window sill!) and playing video games (OMG does anybody else play Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver?)

5. Now I'm back in school. -______- But also :D! Summer school will help me graduate early! And soon it's time to start looking at...GRAD SCHOOL? DUN DUN DUNNN.

6. Hokay, time to haunt yous guys' LJs!


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