Feb. 14th, 2010

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A woman looking thoughtful as an easter bunny, a pot of gold and candy canes float above.
Your Future - Fictionalized!

So you're thinking of becoming a Fictional Mascot.

In today's economy, job stability is a key factor in planning your future. As professionals representing the field of Fictional Mascotry, we can proudly state that we've not cut a single position for nearly two centuries. Indeed, demand for our services is growing in these uncertain times. In the last quarter alone, wishes for pots of gold at the end of rainbows saw an increase of 23.4%, requiring the most ambitious Leprachaun recruiting effort in over eighty years. Cupids the world over have been logging overtime as singles everywhere realize they'll never be able to afford that mortage alone. Indeed, as long as there are starry-eyed lovers and children with wiggly teeth, Fictional Mascotry will flourish.

A Place for You

When most people think fictional mascots, it is often the highly competitive career paths, such as Santa Clausology, that come to mind. Intimidated by the thought of eight years of study at North Pole University, most do not further consider exploring the field. While we always welcome highly qualified applicants to our Doctor Of Christmasology programs, Clausology is hardly the only career path within in our wide field. If your interest happens to be egg painting, reindeer grooming or even the nocturnal collection of baby teeth, we have a position for you! The only qualification is that you love working with people. Or scaring the pants off them.

Our Commitment to DiversityA crowd of diverse people.  Including a jack o lantern, Krampus, a tooth fairy and a large bunny!

Fictional Mascotry has long since been a forerunner in diversity --in this field, we have strong record of multicultural leadership. We come from all walks of life: men, women, rabbits and even anthropromorphized, candle-lit gourds. Whether you are jolly and white bearded, ginger headed and pointy eared, buck-toothed and cotton-tailed or simply an Eastern European demi-demon with a penchant for frightening children into behaving, we have a position for you.

Perks Galore
A veterinarian holding a rabbit and listening to it with a stethoscope.  Behind him is a poster for vaccinations for 'Seasonal Egg Flu'. In addition to job security, a career in Fictional Mascotry offers ample perks.
  • Generous vacation time. Many of our positions require only a 1-2 day work year.
  • Second to none health-plans. We are a leader in fay-based in-home dentistry.
  • An unlimited supply of of fun-sized candy bars, and fully razorblade-free candied apples!
  • Many positions include the use of a company vehicle, be it enchanted sleigh, cherub wings or a ghostly black horse appearing only after midnight upon the lonely roads of Sleepy Hollow.
Interested in further exploring opportunities in Fictional Mascotry?

Make an appointment with your career counseler today and allow our attached quiz predict what career path would be right for you!

This week for [livejournal.com profile] therealljidol , I was paired up with the...well, we all already know how awesome she is!  [livejournal.com profile] zia_narratora  !!
She'd love to give you a tour around Cupid College!
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Delicious looking chocolate cupcakes with candy hearts and white frosting! 


...in other news, Cat has discovered the rich text editor...ruh roh!


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